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Show Visuals in Progress for Elton John Impersonator

Updated: 15 hours ago

Bill Connors "American Elton" is a wonderful Elton John impersonator for whom I've been designing a music visualizer. I based the style off of David LaChappelle's work for the Red Piano Elton John residency in Vegas. This piece is about 3/4 of the way through. I'm learning about parallax scroll techniques (how to stagger layers before a virtual camera to add depth). The sheer amount of layers and nested compositions means I should've kept my file more tightly organized than I've been doing.. Sometimes it feels like I spend most of my time searching for the layer that needs correction, but this has been tremendously rewarding to work on and I've learned a lot. Bill has a lot of fantastic material to work with and I've been having fun with this.

Check out Bill's website here:

David LaChappelle's work for Elton John:

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